Bando Supply Has Everything Your Dispensary Needs In Oklahoma

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A dispensary needs a wide range of supplies to run its operations smoothly. You need to maintain excellent hygiene standards, ensure all products are packaged properly, and patients have a pleasant experience. We at Bando Supply can help by providing high-quality dispensary supplies. All our products go through a comprehensive checking process to ensure they live up to the industry standards. 

Our Products 

We have a wide product range so you can find everything your dispensary needs under one roof. Our store maintains a good stock and can handle bulk orders easily. Here's a look at some of the products you can get from your trusted Oklahoma dispensary supplies store:

    • Prescription exit bags 
    • Zig zag rolling papers 
    • Nitrile gloves 
    • Raw king size cones
    • Child-resistant bags
    • Compliance stickers
    • Concentrate jars
    • Cartridges and terpenes 
    • Pop tops 
    • Personal Protective Equipment or PPE
  • Child-resistant pre-roll tubes
  • Raw paper cones 
  • And so much more

  • Browse through our website to see the full inventory of our products. Everything available in the store lives up to the industry standards so you can use them freely in your dispensary. If you want something not mentioned in the list, speak with our experienced consultants for more information. 

    The Value of Experience 

    People have recently started to accept marijuana, and there has been a lot of progress in related laws. We have been around for more than 15 years, actively working to educate others and make marijuana more socially acceptable. Our experience gives us the knowledge needed to find the best quality supplies. We know exactly what dispensary products and marijuana consumers need. 

    Looking for trustworthy ‘dispensary supplies near me' online? Trying to set up a new establishment in Oklahoma? We can help by providing essential supplies and a wide range of accessories that some of the best companies in the industry manufacture. Our innovative products and child-resistant packaging make marijuana consumption safer.

    NTEP Certified Products 

    NTEP stands for National Type Evaluation Program. Products with this certificate are considered up to the national quality standards and will provide accurate measurements. All dispensaries must use NTEP certified scales and other such weighing tools to ensure the results are accurate. 

    These scales and tools have a certificate number or conformance number printed on them so you can be confident they are of good quality. They are precisely what your dispensary needs to ensure patients get the right amount of product. 

    As a trusted Oklahoma dispensary supplier, we make sure all the scales are of good quality because mistakes at this level can affect a dispensary’s reputation. The last thing you want is the customer to find that their packet contains less product than it should. 

    If you want to know more about our dispensary supplies and related services, reach out to us at Bando Supply. We have a dedicated team that will answer all of your questions. Call (405) 394-4120.

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